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What we do

In Person Events That Will
Leave Your Audience In Awe.

Designed large screens at corporate event

Constantly Pushing Boundaries

We have a rule at The 180 Group… that we do something new on every show. This could be as big as using an amazing new technology or custom stage design, to something as small as a process change that makes our productions more efficient and engaging. We will constantly push boundaries in the production of every single event.

Types of Events We Have Done

  • National Sales Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Customer Engagement Event
  • Marketing Meetings
  • Sales Incentive Events
  • Annual Kickoff/Wrap-Ups
  • Learning and Development Meetings
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • More…

A Process Unique to Each Event

No two events are the same, but a trusted process in producing a flawless event is integral to its success. We have taken our years of experience and put them into a tried and true production process that has helped us produce hundreds of flawless events over our 25+ years in business


Learning about you, your company, your content, your attendees, and your objectives so we can design an intentional event that engages your audience. We will collect data like:

  • Audience Demographics
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Aesthetic Preferences
  • Business Objectives
  • Themes
  • Presentation Formats
  • Required Production Elements
  • Learning and Development Requirements
  • Venue Information
  • Union Requirements
  • More…


Using the 5E experience design process, we create an innovative proposal for your event that meets your objectives. First, we consider the core meaning behind your event, design a theme, and then go through all of the event’s touchpoints:

  • Excitement – The first awareness and attraction to the event.
  • Entry – Entering the event, crossing from one context to the next.
  • Engagement – The main part of the event that captures the attention of your participants
  • Exit – The clear end to the experience. The waterslide moment.
  • Extension – How we create memories or nostalgia from the event.

From here we consider what we want the audience to feel, think, and experience at each of these touchpoints, as well as what challenges and opportunities will be presented.


This is where we create all the production elements that we have proposed using the 5E experience design model. These can include:

Custom Event Design

  • Detailed CAD
  • 3D Renders and Animations
  • Staging, lighting, video, and audio design

Video Productions

  • Opening Videos
  • Interstitials
  • Candid Video Shoots

Presentation Development

  • Outlining
  • Scripting
  • Design
  • Delivery coaching

Graphic Design

  • Theme Graphics
  • Custom Presentations
  • Environmental Branding

Motion Graphics and Animations

  • Video Stingers
  • Lower Thirds
  • Custom Animations

Everything In-Between

  • Live Performances
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Music/DJs
  • Teambuilding
  • Philanthropic Activities
  • Much More…


Creativity does not end in the design phase. We scale and adapt as your event evolves over time, and re-pitch creative ideas as the event evolves over time. This process includes multiple touchpoints and opportunities for feedback, including but not limited to:

  • Storyboards
  • Graphic Mock-Ups
  • Narration Review/Choice
  • CAD Review/Revisions
  • 3D Render Review/Revision
  • Footage Review and Editing
  • Detailed Floor Plan Review (Breakouts)
  • Print Design Review
  • More…

Flawless Execution

It’s show time! We produce and execute your event at the highest level, giving your audience a flawless and engaging experience. Multiple processes and procedures are used to produce 180 level flawless events, including:

  • Detailed Show Flows
  • Schedule Management
  • Ample Rehearsal Time
  • Testing, testing, testing
  • Trusted Crew
  • The 180 Way ™

Ready to get started?