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What We Do

Inventing the Future
of Virtual Events

Production of a virtual event

A New Kind of Virtual Event

It is important to set your event apart from the every day Zoom, Webex, or Teams meeting through high impact production and visual content that engages your audiences and creates greater retention for better ROI. Put your leadership in the position to look like leaders by producing an event that looks and feels different than what your audience sees and interacts with day-to-day.

Virtual Events We Have Produced

  • National Sales Meetings
  • Leadership Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Public Association Events
  • Financial Meetings
  • Storytelling Events

A Virtual Event for Every Vision and Budget

Like in-person events, each virtual event has its own unique set of goals and objectives. It is incredibly important that your production partner match the right technology solution to deliver on them. We have packaged solutions to meet different tiers of expectations and budget while still customizing each event to be unique and engaging. Check out our Platinum, Gold, and Premium Packages below.

Platinum – The Power of Immersive Studio Production

Our Platinum package is the future of virtual events. Though the power of super-computers and custom software solutions, we have created hyper-realistic computer generated studio environments that your presenters can step into with the press of a button. Through the power of green screen we can place your presenters in any custom environment that can be imagined, for a unique and engaging presentation that is the opposite of your typical webinar.

These custom generated environments include virtual cameras that continuously move in order to keep audiences engaged. See the video sample below to get a small flavor of what we are talking about.

  • Custom 3D Environments Rendered in Real Time
  • Live Presenters in Studio
  • Highly Trained Staff to Produce the Live Event
  • Virtual Cameras that Move in Real Time
  • Ability to Connect to Remote Presenters
  • Able to Host Any Content (PPT, Videos, Graphics, Remote Presenters, Keynote, etc.)

Gold – The New Standard of Virtual Event Production

This is all about immersion and customization. Using proprietary processes, we can connect presenters from around the globe to our live presentation platform where they can present their content, have discussions, and facilitate Q&A sessions.

All graphics and layouts are customized to fit your brand/theme in order to create a cohesive event that looks and feels on message from when your audience first learns about it to the final moments in the platform. To take it a step further, we create custom presentation templates with alpha channels where your presenters can be integrated into their content. Gone are the days of a box with a presenter next to a box with their content. We use custom shapes and layouts that fit your event’s themes and objectives to create a unique and engaging event that sets it apart from your every day Zoom, WebEx, or Teams meeting.

  • Custom Graphics and Presentation Templates
  • Custom Integrated Slide Layouts
  • Fully Produced Event (think TV show)
  • Dedicated Production Team
  • Custom Branded Event Platform
  • Video Stingers
  • Logo Animations
  • Video Production
  • Custom Music
  • Countdown Clocks

Premium – Flawlessly Produced Virtual Event

Not every event needs custom graphics, layouts, or 3D design. Sometimes you just need a production team you can rely on to produce a flawless show that delivers on your teams expectations. Using our presenter platform and proprietary processes, The 180 Group produces seamless events that are flawless and impactful.

  • Dedicated Production Team
  • Live Presenter Platform
  • Support Any Content (PPT, Videos, Graphics, Keynote, etc.)
  • Connect Presenters Live Around the Globe
  • Discussion, Q&A, and Panel Discussions
  • Full Produced Event (think TV show)
Screenshot from video example of a virtual event

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